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thanks for considering Baylus for your painting needs.

Baylus Painting & Services, LLC is an interior and exterior painting company serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We pride ourselves on high-quality work and high customer satisfaction. Our top priority is delivering services that meet your expectations, and we are dedicated to making your creative visions become a reality. Whether you are a homeowner, apartment owner, business owner, or apartment/home renter, Baylus is here and ready to transform your space into something you will enjoy.

- Marcus & Ashley Baylor - CEO & VP of Baylus Painting & Services LLC

About Us 

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Marcus Baylor
Founder, CEO, Lead Painter

Hi. I am the CEO of Baylus and the primary painter for our company.

I first started painting in 2012. I was taking college classes at the time and found a job with a private company. I started small in the beginning - painting doors and doing minor touchups. However, as my skills and confidence grew, my supervisor tasked me to paint larger areas - bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and eventually full houses. I really enjoyed the work that I did and always felt great satisfaction from positively transforming people's spaces. I received positive feedback about the quality of my work from my supervisor and our customers. After working with them for a time, I branched off and began painting as an independent contractor. I did this for several years, growing in both my love of painting and my skills in painting and customer service. Finally, in 2020, my wife and I decided to take one more big step forward, and we formed this company to expand our reach in the DFW metroplex. We are very excited for what is to come and feel confident that we will continue to deliver quality and efficiency in all of the services we provide.

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Ashley Baylor
Co-founder, VP, Coordinator

Hello! I work alongside Marcus as a coordinator for Baylus!

My love for coordinating and organization was born during my high school years and nurtured throughout my college years. I took advantage of opportunities to organize events and serve in leadership roles. Through these opportunities, I found that I really enjoyed communicating with people, and I loved the feeling of satisfaction that came from successfully seeing a plan through to completion. In recent years, I served as a coordinator for a media ministry at a local church, creating schedules, compiling training information, and making sure that everyone involved in live services knew where to be and what to do. Now that Marcus and I have started Baylus Painting and Services, I am excited to use all the skills I have acquired throughout the years to deliver great service to all of our customers!

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