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Step 1: Introductions
  • We’ll give you a call to answer any questions you may have and to schedule your consultation.

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Step 2: Consultation
  • We’ll meet with you at your home, office, complex, or business location to view your space and discuss your desires and preferences.

  • We’ll also take measurements of the areas to be painted and calculate a quote for our services.

Step 3: Contract & Deposit
  • Once you accept our quote, we will schedule your painting job and draw up a contract for you to sign.

  • Upon signing your contract, we will collect a deposit for 20% the total cost of your painting project.

  • Full payment will be due upon completion of the painting job.

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Step 4: Your Prep Work
  • Purchase your paint. The amount of paint you need will depend on the size of the job and many other factors. If needed, we can provide an estimate for the number of gallons of paint you will need. However, you may need more or less paint than what is initially estimated. Be sure to keep your receipts!

  • Clear the workspaces. Move furniture and other items at least 4 feet from the walls (interior or exterior) that are to be painted, and remove any items that are hanging on the walls.​

Step 5: Our Prep Work
  • We will place a protective covering over your furniture and other items to keep them clean and paint-free.

  • We will then fill any small holes and cracks that may exist on your walls and texturize them to blend with the existing texture of the walls.

  • We use painter's tape on trim, molding, and along borders of differing paint colors to ensure neat work and crisp paint lines.

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Step 6: Painting
  • This is where the magic happens! We use rollers and brushes to apply your paint to the walls, ceilings, trim, molding, and any other surfaces you agree to have painted (i.e. fireplaces, bookshelves, doors, shutters, etc.)

  • We are meticulous and apply paint evenly, with multiple coats if necessary, to fully cover your walls and surfaces.

Step 7: Clean Up, Evaluation, & Payment
  • We will clean up and dispose of all of our trash.

  • We’ll also do a final inspection with you to make sure that you are happy with the finished product.

  • Once we’re finished with the inspection, we will collect the final payment from you, which will be equal to 80% the total cost of the painting job.

  • Be sure to give your walls adequate time to dry before replacing furniture and wall-hanging items.

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